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Carved Garden Plaque
Carved Garden Plaque shown with grey text.

Carved Garden Plaque

This Carved Personalized Garden Plaque is 9” tall and 12” wide, and approximately 1/4” thick. Typically, these slate shingles are used for roofing, and last 100 years.

The letters and design are carved into the slate then painted with exterior enamel. The color of the natural slate varies in color from a dark gray to charcoal to almost black. Let us surprise you with the most attractive color we can find from the inventory on hand. We will adjust sizes of the letters to best fit the available space. Each plaque comes with an attached leather cord that can be used for hanging.

Only $500.00 + $100.00 S&H

Personalization:   Up to 12 letters.
Text Color: 

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