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3" & 4" Two Sided Number Signs
3" Number Signs
Post mount shown top left.
Mailbox mount shown above.
(One sided wall mount not pictured).

Flat Mount Ladder Rest Bar
Order bracket separately, below.

  • If ordered black background, white text the white text is reflective so as to be seen easier at night
  • Up to 10 Numbers are included, cast right in to the sign, up to 5 on each side.
  • 4 different mounting options available: Post mount, one sided wall mount, mailbox mount, or hanging from a bar (Ladder Rest Sign).
  • Available in a variety of color combinations
  • Each sign holds up to five numbers on each side (NO letters)
  • Manufacturered in the USA of rust-free cast aluminum
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for manufacturer and delivery.
  • All except wall mount are double-sided
  • Click here to see the 18 colors there are to choose from.
3" Sign
Has ALL 3" Numbers
4" Sign
Has ALL 4"

Sign Dimensions: 

4.5" x 11"
5.5" x 14.5"
$61 + $10 S&H
$71 + $10 S&H


Order optional bracket separately at bottom of this page.
(numbers only)
  Click here to view color chart.

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Bracket to hold hanging signs

Bracket to hold a hanging sign.  Sign is additional.

Flat Mount Ladder Rest Bar

  • Color: Black only
  • Weight: 3 lb.
  • Dimensions:19” long x 1”. Area that touches the surface of the wall, tree or post is 4” tall  x 2” wide.
  • Includes 2 "S” Hooks.
  • 4 pre drilled holes so it can accommodate signs under 16” in length and up to 5 lbs. in weight.
  • Made in USA or no rust cast aluminum.
  • Fits flat or comes with adapter for round posts.
  • Allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.
  • $39.00 + $8 S&H

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