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Custom Bronze Plaques

Artwork Layout....

We produce your plaque layout using the latest in computer graphics.

Custom Bronze PlaquePlaque Pattern...
Our plaque patterns are photographically produced from the artwork layout. This pattern making technique insures your metal plaque is an exact duplicate of your approved artwork. Sand molds are used only once to produce your exclusive plaque. Our bronze is virgin ingot. Heated to over two thousand degrees, the nolten bronze is hand poured into your custom mold. After cooling we break the mold to reveal your newly cast plaque.

Custom Bronze PlaqueFinishing....

Your plaque goes through several separate finishing operations. Initial steps involve cutting, grinding, metal chasing and machining. Final finishing requires sandblasting, background coloring and satin polishing. Your plaque is then coated with a tarnish resistant clear lacquer suitable for indoor or outdoor application.

Custom Bronze Plaque

Cast Logos....
Your logo or special image can be cast as a part of your plaque to produce a truly custom affect (additional cost). We also have a huge library of unique logos and designs to choose from.

Cast Portraits...
Available in bronze, aluminum or brass. Simply supply a photo you want portrayed. Photos are returned with your approval proof.

Flat Relief portraits have a contemporary look and are less expensive than molded reliefs.

Molded Relief portraits have a three dimensional look.

Custom Bronze Plaque
Flat Relief
Custom Bronze Plaque
Molded Relief

To order or obtain pricing information on custom bronze
plaques please call 888-675-MAIL or e-mail

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