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Jumbo Dozer Mailbox

Jumbo Dozer Mailbox

  • Custom built, fiberglass mailbox, available in red, yellow, green, blue, white or black.
  • More than a mailbox! It is an effective advertisement for your business, or a meaningful and personal gift.
  • 34"(L) x 21"(W) x 24"(H)
  • Price does not include lettering.
  • Takes 10-12 weeks to create.

Only $615 + $89 S&H

Federal law requires every mailbox to have at least the home owner's address numbers neatly applied in a contrasting color. They are required to be a minimum of 1" tall, placed on the flag side of the mailbox. Many areas are requiring 3" tall numbers to aid emergency personnel in finding you quickly.

We also carry a wide variety of quality posts or stands for your mailbox.


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