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Coronado Rural Mailbox
(Also Available with a Post, as a Twin, Triple or Quad System)

MB6 Mailbox
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Set a new standard of beauty and functionality with this Coronado Rural Mailbox.

  • Width: 10"(254mm)
  • Height: 11-1/4" (286mm)
  • Depth: 22" (559mm)
  • Body: 16 gage (1.5 mm) galvanized steel
  • Assembly Hardware: Stainless steel hinges. Zinc plated assembly screws and nuts.

$259.00 + $FREE S&H

Black with polished brass trim
Bronze with polished brass trim
Sand with polished brass trim
White with polished brass trim
Black with antique copper trim
Bronze with antique copper trim
Sand with antique copper trim
White with antique copper trim
Black with antique nickel trim
Bronze with antique nickel trim
Sand with antique nickel trim
White with antique nickel trim


The Decorative Post
(Also Available as a Twin, Triple or Quad System)

The Coronado™ Mailbox can be conveniently mounted to the optional Decorative Post, which is available in all four mailbox colors. The post is configured to cantilever the to the side, allowing more clearance beside and under the mailbox. It is designed for in-ground mounting.

A OPTIONAL Newspaper Holder, shown left, is available separately for use with the Decorative Post and Coronado Mailbox.

Post: $199 plus $FREE s/h
Newspaper Holder: $69 plus $FREE s/h

Federal law requires every mailbox to have at least the home owner's address numbers neatly applied in a contrasting color. They are required to be a minimum of 1" tall, placed on the flag side of the mailbox. Many areas are requiring 3" tall numbers to aid emergency personnel in finding you quickly.

The Coronado fits best with the posts above, that are made for it. Also available are other quality posts or stands for mailboxes.

Coronado Rural Mailbox $259


Trim Finish:

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The Decorative Post $199

Post Qty:

Newspaper Holder Qty:

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