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Vinyl Mailbox Personalization - Mailbox Decals - Custom Decals
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Letter Styles You Can Choose From

Letter Colors You Can Choose From

Not pictured: white or silver.

Not Pictured: Shiny gold

Layout Style 1

Layout Style 1
Up to 6 digits, numbers and/or letters. 3" tall x 9" approx. maximum width.
Set/Pair: $18.00
One Side: $12.00

Layout Style 1A

Layout Style 1A
Mostly for door fronts. 1 side only. 1" tall x 5" wide.

Layout Style 3

Layout Style 2
All on one line. Up to about twenty letters/numbers/spaces or 1 pair of address numbers or words. 1.5" tall x 18" approx. maximum width. Size of text may vary slightly depending on how many characters are ordered. You get a set/pair for BOTH sides of your mailbox. $20.00

Left: Layout Style 2 shown in reflective white. (Pheasant Magnet not included but can be purchased HERE)

Layout Style 4

Layout Style 3
Number & address OR number and last name on two lines. Up to six 2 1/2" to 3" tall numbers/letters on the top line (9" long), and about twenty characters/letters/spaces on the second line. (1.5" tall x 18" approx. maximum width on the second line). Size may vary slightly depending on how many characters are ordered. You get a set/pair. $29.00

Letter Style:
Letter Color:
Layout Style:

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A Mailbox should be seen from 1/2 block away. It REALLY helps Police and Fire Departments find you FAST in an emergency! Not to mention Pizza Deliveries and the Post Office!

Choose from 9 attractive styles, 28 different colors, and 4 different layout styles. Usually 3M or Avery Brand of vinyl is used (the same material that professional sign shops use, with at least a 7 to 9 year life). Personalization is normally sent to you on a strip, ready for you to apply. Detailed instructions are included or can be viewed HERE. We can apply to your mailbox at no additional charge IF the mailbox is here, in-stock. We can also apply here for you on non-stock items, but extra shipping charges will apply and extra time will be needed.

You may also order personalization without a mailbox purchase and apply it yourself to almost any surface. This personalization will not adhere properly to rough surfaces such as wood, rusting or corroding metal. Application Instructions always included. If properly applied, personalization will not peel, crack or fade for at least 7 years.

We always clean our mailboxes prior to applying the lettering and we suggest using rubbing alcohol if you are doing your own. CAUTION: Rubbing alcohol will ruin some paint finishes, test in an inconspicuous place first. *Mailbox is not included. If you have not ordered a mailbox from us within the past 30 days, the cost is $5 more.

Other uses for vinyl letters or numbers:

  • Boat registration numbers and names
  • Toolboxes
  • Car and truck bug deflectors
  • Store windows
  • Signs
  • Crafts
  • Personalize children's toys such as bicycles or wagons

Prices start at $8.00 + $1 S&H.

Click here to view application instructions.

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