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3D Numbers & Letters

3D Letters & Numbers There is a $50 Minimum Order Requirement
for 3-D Numbers or Letters

3-D Numbers & Letters are non-returnable, &
non-cancelable as these are completely custom-made, just for you.

Their low cost make this an ideal way to create professional 3D signs. They are available in MANY different sizes, in numbers OR letters. Some of the alphabets (FONTS) are shown below. Please call for the details!

Please allow 1-2 weeks for these to be manufacturered.

Reasonably priced from $5 each & up in sizes from 4" to 48" tall. 1/8" thick to 3/4" thick. We also offer hollow plastic numbers/letters (shown left) manufactured by a commercial signage manufacturer who is accustomed to small jobs and offers a lifetime warrantee.

Cast metal (more expensive) or very flat laser cut acrylic (less expensive) are also possible.

Because these are custom made, just for you please telephone Barb at (888)675-6245
and she will offer you an immediate quote on your project.
Please remember that custom items such as these are non-returnable
and cannot be exchanged.

Perhaps the most important aspect of sign creation is the ability to properly design a sign. While it is true that anyone using a computer can create mediocre signage; it takes a true measure of skill to properly design an aesthetically balanced sign. To put it simply, designing a sign is a balancing act of color, size and style. For help, CLICK ON the YELLOW Sign Designer Sunburst, here:

To aid in the design process we have put together some items to consider when buying/building your signage. These items, plus the help of a Sign Professional, will create the initial impression that will attract customers to your business.

Some of the Available Colors:
This color chart is for reference only. Do not use to color match!

There is a $50 Minimum Order Requirement for 3-D Numbers or Letters.


Just Some of the Available Fonts. Check out the sign designer, above right to see lots more!

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